From the time a donor begins the registration process, to the moment the blood is shipped out, IT Synergistics’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k)-approved software provides a solution so blood center professionals can work faster and make blood donation simpler. IT Synergistics currently offers the following software solutions:
bexWISE Process (formerly LifeTec Elite) is a blood establishment computer system (BECS) that validates, labels, and prepares blood donations for shipment. bexWISE Process features include:


Allows for the scheduling of drives, staff and for the tracking of sponsor and group information

Manufacturing Module

Captures all blood unit and component-related activity

Biologics Lab Module

Captures all testing-related activity and interfaces with laboratory information systems

Inventory, Distribution, and Billing (IDB) Module

Captures all IDB-related activity


Supports donor contact activities, including email and tele-recruitment

Preferences Module

Allows each blood center to customize code tables to best support their preferences
bexWISE Affirm (formerly DoVac Elite) streamlines all aspects of donor verification and collection, saving blood centers time and simplifying the registration process for donors. With the use of the software, which enables a paperless blood collection process, collection staff can easily and quickly enter all relevant data. bexWISE Affirm features include:

Donor Kiosk

Allows donors to self-register for their donation at a collection site

Donor Hub

Allows collection staff at a site to manage the flow of donors through the process and record key information, including: registration, medical questionnaire, internet DHQ, abbreviated DHQ, donor information number (DIN) assignment, phlebotomy, instrument interface, consent form and the physical exam

Supervisor Review

Allows a review of all or exceptional donor records prior to the drive being completed. This can be performed separately or as part of an audit


Allows staff to audit all or exceptional donor records as part of the release process post-donation

Donor Maintenance

Allows staff to view or update donor information and their donation history

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Documents

Allows collection staff to view SOPs and process documents throughout the entire donation process

Data Entry

Allows for manual entry of donation information if the computer system is not available at the time of donation

Patient Orders

Allows collection staff to complete patient orders required for all autologous, directed and therapeutic donations

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