Enabling more efficient
blood donations.

Better manage all aspects of blood donation with simple, efficient and reliable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k)-approved, web-based software. Founded by blood bank owners to simplify the blood collection and distribution process, IT Synergistics provides blood bank management software for blood banks across the United States.
bexWISE Process
A blood establishment computer system (BECS) that validates, prepares and labels blood donations for shipment. 
(Formerly LifeTec Elite)
bexWISE Affirm
Streamlines all aspects of donor registration, verification and collection, saving both blood banks and donors time.
(Formerly DoVac Elite)

Why IT Synergistics?

Because we are founded and owned by blood bank professionals with decades of collective experience, no one is better able to anticipate and act on the needs of blood centers. We are constantly working directly with blood banks to improve our software. With a focus steadfast on the customer, we are able to quickly and efficiently address the needs most important to blood bank professionals.
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