IT Synergistics Sponsors Upcoming ADRP Master Class

Virtual Deep Dive into Donor Eligibility for Blood Industry Professionals

The Association for Blood Donor Professionals (ADRP) is presenting a two-day Master Class entitled “Change is Good — The Journey of Donor Eligibility”. This virtual event takes place September 20-21, 2023, and focuses on the impact of eligibility guidance in all aspects of the blood collection industry, including community engagement and the future of blood donation. Industry professionals from collections, recruitment, marketing, and other areas will benefit from conversations centering on strategic public relations and messaging, donor recruitment strategies, best practices for staff training of eligibility changes, real-life case studies, and the impacts from FDA guidance changes overall.

As a featured sponsor of this event, IT Synergistics offers a comprehensive blood operations experience that incorporates the ever-changing donor eligibility rules and guidance impacting the blood banking industry. The bexWISE product suite offers an effective and streamlined solution, covering the gamut of blood donation operations from drive planning, staffing, and donor recruitment to donor registration and verification, blood collection, biologics testing, manufacturing, and distribution – all with an eye toward adaptability and compliance to ensure shifting donor eligibility regulations and deferral policies are taken into account and applied in an efficient and reliable manner for both donors and blood center personnel.

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About IT Synergistics – IT Synergistics (ITSy) is a customer driven, 510(k) approved blood establishment computer system (BECS) and CRM vendor. Based upon an ongoing review of member blood centers’ strategic plans and initiatives, ITSy’s customers identify, prioritize, and recommend strategic additions to ITSy’s overall portfolio. IT Synergistics is committed to meeting blood centers’ software needs through a diverse product suite, including its latest offering, bexWISE Engage.

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