Press Release: IT Synergistics’ BECS Software Includes Interface Support for Cross Donation Check System API for Source Plasma and Fresenius Kabi Medical Devices

Recently, IT Synergistics updated its blood bank management software to expand the medical devices used for blood collection. bexWISE Affirm now supports importing apheresis donations from the Fresenius Kabi product line – specifically, the Alyx® Component Collection System and Amicus® Separator (for apheresis collections), as well as original and Xi versions of the Aurora® device (for plasmapheresis collections) – through its DXT Relay interface. IT Synergistics is excited to partner with Fresenius Kabi on these interfaces, utilizing an application programming interface (API) communication method.

The BECS system also supports a new interface for the FDA-approved Cross Donation Check System (CDCS), which provides the plasma industry with access to a national registry of donor information using near real-time data for verifying donation frequency more efficiently and effectively. Support for the Cross Donation Check System interface’s Upload Donation Batch functionality is provided through a custom API that uses modern security protocols and a full-encryption solution. 

“We are pleased to offer these interfaces to our bexWISE applications,” said Tim Bryant, President and CEO of IT Synergistics. “We continue to listen to our customers and make every effort to provide them with access to the tools that make them most productive.”

The latest software version also includes a recent enhancement introduced in the previous release (v2.0.34.00) – Lot Release, a review process used by blood centers to aid in verifying product and donor safety. With Lot Release in place, the Quality Control system for a blood center can ensure products are within compliance and meet all acceptable tolerances and manufacturer expectations before distribution. 

bexWISE Software Release 34 (v2.0.34.00) was released June 2021, followed by Release 35 (v2.0.35.00) in September 2021.

About IT Synergistics

IT Synergistics (ITSy) is a customer driven, 510 (k) approved blood establishment computer system (BECS) vendor. Based upon an ongoing review of member blood centers’ strategic plans and initiatives, ITSy’s customers identify, prioritize, and recommend strategic additions to ITSy’s overall portfolio. IT Synergistics is committed to meeting blood centers’ software needs.

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