Press Release: IT Synergistics Announces Rebranded BECS Software Release

New Software Version Supports Pathogen Reduction and Source Plasma

IT Synergistics is pleased to announce a new release version of bexWISE Process and bexWISE Affirm (formerly, LifeTec Elite and DoVac Elite, respectively). This release marks the official rebranding of the software and includes the implementation of two major features:  Pathogen Reduction and Source Plasma.

Pathogen Reduction is a viral and bacterial inactivation process performed on platelet and plasma donations that is increasing in popularity among blood centers throughout the country.  With the implementation of this new feature, blood centers using bexWISE software can opt to produce pathogen-reduced blood components using FDA-approved technology in lieu of performing bacterial testing, which may result in reduced costs and improved blood safety.

With support for Source Plasma, blood centers will have the potential to increase their donor pool by being able to collect blood donations strictly used for medical therapies (with different donor eligibility and testing requirements than for other donation types) in addition to donations provided for transfusion purposes.  Manufacturers can develop essential medicines and lifesaving treatments created from the plasma that will benefit patients suffering from a multitude of illnesses, ranging from neurological disorders, immune system deficiencies, and more.

Other updates included in this software release aim at providing continued support and enhancing the user experience.

“I am excited about this release. It includes the enhancements our customers have asked for, and the rebranding illustrates our commitment to providing a complete and cohesive suite of products,” said Tim Bryant, Managing Director of IT Synergistics.

bexWISE Software Release 30 (v2.0.30.00) was released September 2018.


About IT Synergistics

IT Synergistics (ITSy) is a customer driven, 510 (k) approved blood establishment computer system (BECS) vendor.  Based upon an ongoing review of member blood centers’ strategic plans and initiatives, ITSy’s customers identify, prioritize, and recommend strategic additions to ITSy’s overall portfolio.  IT Synergistics is committed to meeting blood centers’ software needs.


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